Structured Pilates Sessions

Everyone is different, so why should we ever expect a one size fits all exercise program to work for everybody? At Pilates of Champions you will be treated as an individual with needs unique to you whether you are a beginner, an elite athlete or someone with chronic joint(s), or spine (back/neck), and/or muscular imbalance issues. 

You can experience the dedicated attention of Elizabeth in a private session, or you can join a group session with similar level studio clients. Whatever your needs, each session is meticulously planned with the individual or specific group attendees in mind. The skill of Elizabeth in crafting balanced and ever changing programs from her enormous repetoire of exercises for each piece of equipment means that you will have a new challenge each time you visit the studio and you should reach your objectives much quicker and without the boredom so typical of repetitive exercise sessions, including those using limited Pilates equipment such as simply a mat or reformer only class. 

Classical Pilates

Pilates at Pilates of Champions is true to the fundamental core principles developed by Joseph Pilates and expressed through his teaching. The exercises themselves evolved throughout Pilates’ lifetime and an important feature is that he adapted them to the requirements of those he served including ballet dancers, elite athletes, boxers, acrobats, gymnasts and rehabilitating hospital patients. Whatever your experience level, fitness background or needs, Pilates Equipment sessions at Pilates of Champions are an ongoing learning experience and you will find many unique exercises on all pieces of equipment.

To ensure a full and balanced workout, all of our Equipment sessions utilize the full range of the studio’s State of the Art Pilates equipment. No single piece of Pilates equipment can bring you the full benefits of a multiple equipment session like you will experience at Pilates of Champions. Each piece was developed for a purpose and we have carefully constructed sessions to make full use of this. Please ask yourself an important question, would you consider a workout using a single piece of cardiovascular equipment or a single piece of weight training apparatus as providing a balanced and whole body workout?

At all times you can expect to be firmly guided in achieving and adhering to a high level of competence in the core principles. 

  • Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is the application of Pilates methods and equipment to assist in the rehabilitation of injuries caused by musculoskeletal imbalance. It involves close cooperation between student and Pilates practitioner to observe and adapt exercises to address underlying problems. At all times the priorities are on correct form, movement and adherence to the core Pilates principles. Clinical Pilates will also be valuable if you have been taking Pilates classes and appear to be having pain associated with some part of the program. When correctly taught and carried out in accordance with the core Pilates principles, it should not injure you or leave you with recurring pain! If it does, then the root cause must be addressed. The same principles of closely evaluating form and student response to movement can be applied to this situation to help correct dysfunctional movement and faults, however small, in technique which may be leading to your discomfort. Clinical Pilates sessions are always about quality and precision and helping your recovery process.

The staff at Pilates of Champions is trained in kinesiology, physiology and exercise science as a core component of their certification. They understand exactly why they are asking you to make a specific movement and what is happening to and inside your body when you do it. This depth of understanding is essential for effective rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Private Sessions

Many people prefer to have private sessions with Elizabeth. These include those who simply want the 1-on-1 focus; those that just don't like the idea of exercising in a group; or those who require a clinical Pilates approach because of injury, pain or illness. Whatever your reason, these highly individualized sessions will bring you the ultimate experience of Pilates of Champions and the benefits of dedicated attention from Elizabeth.

Each private session is planned in advance in great detail by Elizabeth especially to address your needs.  These sessions incorporate a range of exercises across all the Pilates equipment that provide a balanced whole body workout. You will be amazed at the enormous repetoire of exercises that are available and on every piece of equipment, many of which are unique to Pilates of Champions. No two sessions are ever the same, you need never be bored by your exercise program again!  

Group Sessions

Our groups are small and we teach and reinforce the core Pilates principles at all times. There is nowhere to hide in a Pilates of Champions group class! We are sure you will appreciate the difference in the results. The group sessions always utilize the full range of Pilates equipment following a detailed lesson plan constructed by Elizabeth. A lesson plan is devised for each session to provide a well balanced program and to avoid the boring repetition so typical of many exercise regimen which are the single largest cause of people stopping exercising. 

Before joining a group session all students must start with a minimum of 2-4 private sessions to allow the studio to evaluate current fitness levels, identify any pre-existing musculoskeletal problems and to teach or consolidate the basics of correct form and technique which is essential for the safety and effectiveness of your Pilates sessions.

These initial sessions will be all about you, understanding your body and your needs and establishing a plan specific to you which will deliver the best possible results from your future sessions.

EAKGilmour Training provides the highest possible standard of Pilates available


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