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Elizabeth Gilmour, ACSM, ISSP, ASEP, AAAS, IHB, MBA

Elizabeth (Lissa) Gilmour is Nationally/Internationally recognized and is a Certified Master Pilates Practitioner. She has a dance background and has travelled and lived in many parts of the world. She is an Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine; Member with the International Society for Sports Psychologist; American Society for Exercise Physiologist; Athletic Trainer with the American Council on Exercise; a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; and Principal Pilates Practitioner with the Gil Rome Studio of Dance from 1997-2005.

Mrs. Gilmour trained under Isabelle Hill in England: Isabelle was a retired French Ballerina who taught Pilates and Ballet in London, England. Isabelle Hill worked with Joseph Pilates before he moved away from Europe and kept in contact during his time in New York. Isabelle Hill is credited with continuing the raw beginnings of the Pilates method in England from those very early days. After studying under Isabelle Hill, Mrs. Gilmour eventually moved back to the United States where she studied under Christie Brehm in Texas. Christie Brehm was trained by Ron Fletcher, and Ron Fletcher (like Isabelle Hill) was trained by Joseph Pilates. The depth of knowledge and understanding of Pilates gained from this quality of training has been carried into the current generation by Mrs. Gilmour at Pilates of Champions where she has continued in the true spirit of Pilates Neuromuscular Exercise and added many innovative exercises accross the full range of equipment. A few moments spent with Mrs. Gilmour will quickly reveal a wealth of knowledge, practical application and teaching experence in Pilates Exercise Science. Her development and teaching of Pilates Neuromuscular Exercise Methods are considered among the best in the world. This knowledge she is now passing along to a new generation of teachers at the Americas School for Pilates Practitioners, www.ASFPP.COM

Her certification program with the ASFPP for new instructors focuses on the original neuromuscular Pilates principles along with physiology and kinesiology and carries forward the innovative exercise programs and teaching methods she has developed at Pilates of Champions.

The EAKGilmour Training Centre provides the highest possible standard of Pilates available


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