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▪️Lower back pain

▪️ Piriformis syndrome

▪️ Sciatica pain

▪️ Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction

▪️ Hip Flexor strain

▪️ Groin injury, groin strain, groin pull and exercises on how to fix

▪️ Hamstring injury, hamstring strain, hamstring pull and what works

▪️ Quadriceps injury, strain, pull and what works these different types of injuries

If you or a loved one have any of  the above injuries, strains, pulls... you will be happy to hear, Pilates on All Equipment Training, plus other modes of exercise treatment modalities toward rehabilitation, does work under the care of a professional Clinical Exercise Physiologist.  “ACSM: our team utilizes prescribed exercises, basic health behavior interventions and promote physical activity for individuals with cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, neoplastic, immunologic and hematologists diseases. We provide primary and secondary prevention strategies to improve, maintain or attenuate declines in fitness and health in populations ranging from children to older adults.”

Cutting-edge Programs and Equipment in Athletic & Clinical Pilates Management

Our studio practice has seen an explosion growth in our attending clientele once again under the tutelage of EAKGilmourMethods™️©️ Every studio in the past that Pilates Of Champions has opened up in different parts of Southern Texas, have grown far beyond its capacity. So if you are trying to get on her schedule, time is of the essence.

Quite a few clients dating back to 1988 in the Greater Houston Area, have followed her to each of the three locations (Champions, Willowbrook Methodist Hospital area, and now out to Galloway Steading Campus, including clientele from the UK and Egypt too. Please see the Testimonial Page). 


PILATES OF CHAMPIONS with THE EAKGilmourMethods™ has relocated to a more comfortable and relaxed facility nestled between The Woodlands, Magnolia and Tomball on 23rd June 2017. Our new location is right off Dobbin Huffsmith between 149 Spur and Harden Store Road. The studio is now renting space on Galloway Steading Campus, where all the residents of Silverodo Ranches Neighborhood owning these magnificent and unique residential ranches, have many businesses which range from: Wedding Venues, B&B’s and Lodges, Horse Training/Boarding Centers, Veterinarian, FFA Leaders, Border Collie Breaders and Agility Training Camps, Organic & Free Range Pekin Duck and Chicken Eggs, to Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, and Professional Pilates Studio ... at PILATES OF CHAMPIONS, Inc.

Note: Our studio is located within the 4th residential business ranch home on the Left side of Collier Smith Road. If you have an appointment and the wrought iron gate is closed, please call 281-537-5433 and/or 281-685-5711 for access. We look forward to meeting you (By Appointment Only).


Please note: Drivers License/ID Card copy will remain in your private file for the studio's records.

All in a days work! The Teachers just hanging around with the Late Great Robert Underwood, owner of Studio Of Dance, Inc., located off Cypress Creek Pkwy. Elizabeth Gilmour use to run the Pilates Program when the studio was under Gil Rome, until he retired and sold the Studio Of Dance to Robert Underwood and remained the Pilates Practitioner training ballerinas from around the world. We are proud to have this wonderful photo of all 4 Professional Teachers hanging up in our studio at Pilates Of Champions.

The Highest Standard of Pilates Available

The studio in the city!

The EAKGilmourMethods™️© have certainly elevated the standards of Pilates original teachings, where EAKGilmourMethods™©️ is now a Personal One-Of-A-Kind Brand; a truly Boutique Studio! ~ Check out more on this below.

The highest quality equipment

Pilates of Champions, is a fully equipped modern studio with a professional but relaxed atmosphere waiting to welcome you to the exercise and whole body improvement experience of a lifetime. It is fully equipped with a complete range of the best available equipment on the market from 'Balanced Body' located in California (Made in America).


ATHLETIC TAPING is the process of applying tape directly to the skin in order to maintain a stable position of bones and muscles during athletic activity. Taping will also support the ligaments and capsules of unstable joints by limiting excessive or abnormal anatomical movement. What is the advantage of Taping? Injury Prevention, where it is recognized as one of the top preventative measures for reduction of injuries in contact sports. At the studio, we use it mostly for Injury Management (for those wanting this service) where it is often applied to manage symptoms of chronic injuries to ease pain symptoms as well. Talk to your Practitioner to see if this is something you will benefit from.

The highest standards in teaching and coaching

Elizabeth (Lissa) Gilmour, born in 1957, is a Master Pilates Practitioner and Exercise Physiologist. If you are looking for someone to encourage and help you achieve your personal goals then look no further, because you have found a coach who lives and breathes motivational psychology; she is an expert at seeing to your success. Elizabeth has been working as a Classical and Clinical Pilates Practitioner for close to 40 years (in the business) and will focus on meeting the particular needs of each of her clients. Whether you are a patient with structral issues/injuries and loss of balance, or an athlete wanting to improve strength and flexiblity or you simply want to get in shape or lose some weight, she can put together a customized training program (for you) so you can reach your goals together. To find out more about Elizabeth, click here.

Coach Gilmour is breaking all records at age 62, and she shows no signs of stopping!

Make Athletic Pilates a part of your life

The pictures shown in this section are of Elizabeth at ages 62 and 40, a result of living what she teaches. Make Athletic Pilates a part of your life and enjoy the benefits of improved flexibility, increased strength, more stamina and alongside a well balanced diet can help you achieve the body image you desire. 

Call the studio today to discuss your needs and learn how we will create a well balanced Professional Pilates program unique to you including appropriate dietary guidance. 

EAKGilmourMethods™️©️ The Personal One-Of-A-Kind Brand Pilates Studio!

The EAKGilmourMethods™️©️ have certainly elevated the standards of Pilates original teachings, where EAKGilmour is now a personal brand!

A personal brand is when you put your branding efforts behind yourself, as opposed to a company or run-of-the-mill standard industry such as Pilates. ​In turn, through decades of study, long hours of continued research, world traveling, sitting in long medically based physical therapy and university kinesiology courses to learn & earn CEU's Elizabeth Gilmour (Lissa) has become an expert in this field; she has become, "One of a Kind" a  "Top Of The Line Pilates Boutique Studio." People don't come to her or her Practice for basic Pilates or even Athletic Training, they come to her because of the way she thinks issues through at lightening speed for her clientele, and the continued outcome she gets for them, surpass their wildest expectations!

The EAKGilmourMethods© on "Pilates All Equipment Athletic and Rehab Retraining" at Pilates of Champions, LLC.


Elizabeth Gilmour nails your first visit and starts the building blocks to a better YOU, and before you know it, you look and feel better again.


Various Studio Photos at the Ranch!

The EAKGilmour Training Centre provides the highest possible standard of Pilates available


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