Testimonials from various Clientele and ASFPP Certified Practitioner

"The EAKGilmourMethods™️©️ are HOT, On POINT, and ACCURATE! Nothing comes close to this Studio’s Pilates Methods."

In our clients own words...

“I have been a client of Pilates Of Champions since 1997, I love working out at Lissa’s Pilates Studio. I was in reasonably good shape before coming to Lissa 16+ years ago, and Now at age 57, I am pretty strong, and have a lot of endurance! Last year my husband and I did an eight hour walking tour of Rome, and walked for 3 hours around Florence, Italy, all within 3 days. Last month, at my son’s wedding I was able to dance all night long in my high heels without aches and pains the next day! Before Pilates with Lissa, and after a night of New Year’s Eve dancing, I would hurt the next day, and I was much younger back then...before Pilates with Lissa.”

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Capsular Contracture is referred to as the "Devil" of breast implants. It's very painful and involves scar tissue and tightening in the chest area. With surgery #3 in my near future Lissa understood what the body was doing and used her knowledge (which she has a lot of) and her Pilates techniques to help relieve the pain was outstanding. The doctors I have spoken with about Pilates working for capsular contracture have never heard of such a thing, until they came to relize Lissa released the scar tissue around the capsular causing the extream pain.

Pilates with Lissa is absolutely amazing ~ and so is the staff at Pilates Of Champions ~ Go see them and tell them what hurts; they can help! I am still pain free and surgery free! Leslie S., age 39, Tomball, Texas.

Hi Lissa, I tend to type like I talk, so I can fix it if its too long, etc. Thinking of you! I'm running my first marathon in 17 days ~ thanks for everything!!! Leslie Stokes

Within the exercise world the term "Pilates" has become likened to the term "designer clothes." In other words, would the real thing please stand up? Lissa Gilmour is a shining gem when it comes to the true knowledge and teaching execution of the Pilates technique. Lissa understands the human body and is able to explain its complexities and intricacies to the first-time novice in a Pilates class, as well as to the hard-core professional athlete. If you want to challenge your body, your mind, and your spirit, (and still feel good about yourself when you leave), go to Pilates of Champions and ask for Lissa!

Davida Haas-Oglesbee, Retired professional ballerina from Houston Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theater, and Joffrey Ballet

Pilates with Lissa is like Yoga on Steroids! 

Mr. T. Jonick, Real-estate Developer 

Training at Pilates of Champions with Lissa, you soon find out her knowledge of Pilates and the human body is phenomenal. The conditioning method called Pilates that she teaches, is one of the very best physical conditioning methods I have ever seen in my 30 years of practice.

Dr. T. Davis, ObGyn

Two years of Pilates training with Lissa has done what 25 years at a gym health club could not. I love to work out now and have achieved results which surpass my wildest expectations. Her Pilates expertise and commitment to this training has made exciting changes not only in my body, but my life too. I have so much more energy, strength and flexibility, not to mention mind control. I recommend her to everyone I meet.

Paulette Culhane, Registered Nurse

I competed in gymnastics for 19 years and I have taught gymnastics for over 40 years. Throughout this time I have not seen any activity that will condition ones whole body better than gymnastics or Pilates with Lissa.

Mr. Jim Culhane, 1972 USA Olympic Gymnast

Lissa and her Pilates program have helped me tremendously with my back problems. My body is much stronger with a lot more flexibility. I am able to do things now that I wasn't able to do before because of my bad back.

Lynita Lowery, Retired, age 67

I came to Texas from England to work with Lissa and her team to try to improve the problems I was having with specific areas of my spine. I have had two cervical discs replaced and was facing the probability of having similar surgery on my lumbar area. On initial examination, Lissa explained that because of the problems in my lumbar spine, my pelvis was twisted also, causing my right leg to be longer than the left. Having worked daily with Lissa and her team for the past three weeks on a one to one basis, I am less cautious when I move, sit and stand; I am already more flexible; I can feel my back becoming stronger already and both of my legs are the same length again! I no longer have pins and needles in my feet and hands, and no more sciatica. I am doing exercises now that I would never have believed possible for me to even attempt, let alone achieve! Being so immobile over the last 20 years or so has meant that I am about 30 pounds overweight. Lissa’s holistic approach to personal wellness, which includes advice on diet and nutrition combined with a personalized exercise program, has had a profound effect on my attitude to my health and how to maintain it. I would recommend Lissa and Pilates of Champions to anyone who wants to make a difference to their personal wellbeing, whatever the reason. Lissa is my knight in shining armor and I only wish I had met her sooner.

Heather Charlton, High School Teacher, UK

I am a “forty-something” serving British police officer and former county level field hockey and international representative rugby player. By their very nature these activities demand a high level of fitness but can also bring with them longer term injuries, aches and pains which can impede the quality of daily life. After working with Lissa I understand the sources of these and how both every day work habits and sporting activities can leave physical imbalances in the muscle, tendons and joints of the body. Most importantly I now know what to do about it and redress the balance! I first met Lissa on a visit to Scotland and the depth of understanding and insight to work and sports related body stresses prompted me to travel to her studio in Houston for an intensive course of Pilates under the instruction of Lissa and her team at Pilates of Champions. This has been an exercise experience like I have never witnessed before. I have never before experienced such depth of knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the human body and how this should be reflected in an exercise program. All I can say is, if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Lissa and her team, please grasp the opportunity with both hands. I will certainly be back; I wish we had anything close this quality of program available to us in Britain. The benefits gained from the insight will last a lifetime, quite some investment in my future health and wellness.

Karen Parker, Police Officer, UK

A world class service that delivered sustained results. I was completely new to Pilates when I discovered Pilates of Champions. I had just about ran myself into the ground with business commitments, diet a shambles and exercise levels at an all time low...having at one point played sports regularly and then used the gyms (but got bored). This place set me up on a path that has had sustained benefits, 28 pounds of weight loss, 9% reduction in body fat and all the benefits of being fitter and stronger, including blood pressure back to normal levels! The dedication with which Lissa and her team focused on my specific needs has never come close to being matched anywhere else that I have tried. They worked hard to set a schedule that worked for me and to implement an exercise and nutrition program that was practical and sustainable. I can't recommend Lissa and her team at Pilates of Champions highly enough.

Dr. Tom, 50 Year old professional, Houston, TX

I have worked out at a gym for over 10 years, using all the cardio equipment, running, and even working out with personal trainers. I have not yet reached my goal to get toned and improve my flexibility. I joined Pilates of Champions in hopes to achieve my goals after I saw some amazing results of women doing pilates on TV. I recently joined and I love it! All the instructors are amazing and the equipment challenges you in a totally different way. I have incorporated pilates into my routine on a regular basis.

Nisha Pherwani, Pharmacist, 34

I have been an exercise enthusiast in some way for many years.  Within the last year, I have been introduced to Pilates via a friend who owns a small, very personal studio in a suburb of Cairo, Egypt where I live most of the year due to my husband's job.  I have found Pilates to be extremely effective and challenging.  Being in my mid 50's,  I was quite excited to find a form of exercise with which I can continue to be involved for the rest of my life that will strengthen my body and joints in a non-damaging way.
Since I had worked so hard to achieve my current level of fitness that I didn't want to lose, I did some internet research for a studio that would provide the same experience I was receiving at my studio in Cairo while I was in Texas for 3 months during the summer.  I was very happy to find Pilates of Champions in my research and decided to give them a try.  From the first phone call, I was made to feel welcome and at ease.  The level of professionalism, while not compromising a friendly, comfortable atmosphere was so impressive and encouraging!  Lissa and her team were always careful to address any physical issues I might be having with expertise and concern.  My workouts were fun, extremely challenging, and always beneficial!  I am so very happy to have found this studio in my area and will come back to workout again when in Texas for extended periods.  I would also not hesitate to recommend it to friends who might be looking for a quality, friendly exercise experience!
Lissa and her entire staff foster a fun, caring, friendly atmosphere that is embraced by all the guys and gals who come!  Thanks to you all for giving us such a wonderful environment in which to exercise!!

Sarah Pendergrass, Egypt, 50's

EAKGilmourMethod's in conjunction with ASFPP Certification Program

Americas School for Pilates Practitioners (ASFPP) under the tutelage of Elizabeth Gilmour offered the perfect Pilates certification program for me. I am a professional dancer who fell in love with Pilates and how my body responded to it while doing it as a form of physical therapy. During this period, I not only rehabilitated my shoulder (the area I injured), but overhauled my entire body. Aches and pains that had plagued me for years, simply went away. It wouldn't be until a few years later, when I was trying to figure out what's next, when I was asking myself, what am I going to do when I eventually have to move on from the stage, that I came back to Pilates Training. I decided I wanted to use my interest in the human body and my knowledge of how truly powerful it can be, to help others as I had been with Pilates Training in past. I set out to find the certification program that would provide me the tools and knowledge I needed to reach my goals. There were a few things I knew: I knew I wanted to become as knowledgeable as possible, I wanted to stay as close to the original method developed by Joseph Pilates as I could, and wanted to be certified on every piece of equipment. Once I knew my own criteria it was very easy to narrow my search. This search was only limited to the scope of the United States. I was not concerned with where I may need to go in order to do my training; I simply wanted to find the best option for me.

With EAKGilmourMethod's and ASFPP at Pilates Of Champions, I believe I found exactly what I was looking for. Coach Gilmour, Lissa (or Coach) as everyone calls her, has stayed true to the original principles and methods developed by Joseph Pilates to work with everyone from athletes to geriatrics and every step in between. Coach Gilmour, over her many years in this field with continual training and studying, has attained a wealth of knowledge and developed many techniques she freely shares in her hands on training program. After less than eight months of one on one training, I earned my certification on every piece of equipment for both Classical and Clinical Pilates. Having a document for each piece of equipment is one thing, but the truly important thing is that I have, not only the knowledge, but also the experience to work with all levels of students and everyone's unique concerns. Coach Gilmour does not simply teach a list of exercises for each piece of equipment, she teaches you the ability to reason through each exercise for each individual client. So you develop the ability to modify each exercise for each individual's ability and concern. You walk away with and entirely new way of looking at and analyzing the human body.

After attaining my certification, I decided to once again leave Houston, as my original love of dance is still calling me. I plan to continue teaching and imparting the wisdom I learned from Pilates Of Champions using the EAKGilmourMethod's at ASFPP from Coach Gilmour while pursuing my dance career. Though my months of one on one training with Lissa Gilmour I am confident in my ability to walk into any studio and have something truly unique to offer. In addition, through the months of work at ASFPP, I have developed a relationship with not only Lissa Gilmour, but with her studio called Pilates Of Champions, and feel the door is always open. Whether it's to get a second opinion on an issue a current client is having, or to simply pop in and take a class for myself. Through all of my research, I am confident in saying this is a very unique program like no other out there. If you are looking to attain not only a great deal of knowledge, but a true understanding of the methodology and how it can work to enhance every client with their individual needs and limitations, take a closer look at Americas School For Pilates Practitioners developed by Elizabeth Gilmour (Lissa) and called, the EAKGilmourMethods.

Sisha S

EAKGilmour Training provides the highest possible standard of Pilates available


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