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The core Pilates principlesIn Anatomy and Physiology the word Systemic is used to mean “pertaining to the general system, or the body as a whole”. A Pilates session at Pilates of Champions is a truly systemic experience, in the way that Pilates should be practiced. To achieve this there are 6 core principles of Pilates which any Pilates exercise must follow. Our innovative teaching methods and experience will ensure that you clearly understand these principles enabling you to follow them in all your exercises.  

We will at all times reinforce these principles and emphasize that perfect practice makes perfect, not just any old practice will do!

1-Breathing: Correct breathing is a must to stabilize the trunk and optimize the benefit of the exercise

2-Core Alignment: Shoulder blades(scapular), lumbar spine, pelvis, hips, knees and ankles should be kept in a neutral position. Doing this increases the effectiveness of the exercise by strengthening the joints.

3-Centering: The core or "powerhouse" of the body between your rib cage and your pelvis should be the mental and physical focus of all exercises. This helps stabilize and develop strength deep in the trunk of your body. 

4-Control: For maximum effectiveness, no movement should compromise your core alignment, work within your limits. Jerky motion, shaking and tightness in muscles all indicate you may be outside those limits.

5-Concentration: You must focus your mind on your body and its movement. This helps you achieve precision in your exercise and achieve maximum effect on the target body part.

6-Coordination: Good concentration is required to do any exercise and focus your mind on the precise movement, alignment and breathing.

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