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I'm Confused Regarding Booking Sessions?

Even with the simplest purchases through the studio manager, there are often questions regarding: how much for a series of sessions with Elizabeth Gilmour or any of her Certified Teachers or staff in training toward Certification through America School for Pilates Practitioners at Pilates of Champions, LLC.?

Because customer support and service is critical to the needs of all our athletes/clientele/patents and their coaches/doctors, Pilates of Champions strongly recommends face to face or voice to voice transactions during our standard business hours to minimize errors to best support the athlete/client/patient and their pending needs (all conversations are supported via a student card, regarding what days/times they have selected, and what payment is made into their account). For physical therapy referrals coming from the hospital or doctors office, we recomend you speak with Elizabeth Gilmour directly (Please make phone call appointments with the office manager prior to your phone conversation with Elizabeth Gilmour).

What is the best time to call Elizabeth's business cell number? After 7PM Monday-Thursday is the best time to consult with Elizabeth Gilmour over the phone, or late Friday afternoons. To secure this phone call, please book your phone call consult with the office manager prior to your call.



"YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE ON THIS EARTH, MAKE IT AS PAIN-FREE AS POSSIBLE!" ~  "It all starts with your joints and spine, make them strong, flexible and balanced, and you too will find heaven on earth." EAKGilmour

Where do the Pilates sessions take place?

Your Clinical and Classical sessions take place at, Pilates of Champions with the EAKGilmourMethods© located on the beautiful grounds of, "Galloway Steading Wedding Venue & More," which is conveniently situtated between The Woodlands and Tomball in beautiful Magnolia Texas. We have served the Greater Houston area since 1988 when Elizabeth Gilmour moved back to the States from Europe and Africa. The people of The Champions area, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, The Woodlands and Conroe all the way over to Humble and down to The Galleria districts, all make their way over to learn how to maintain quality of fitness, strength, flexibility, and fat loss to lean tissue gain with Lissa (Elizabeth Gilmour). We are within reach to those located within 50 miles in and around Magnolia Texas by way of Tollways throughout the area. The back roads to the studio for those living/working in the FM1960-Cypress Creek Pkwy and The Champions area, are the fastest and nicest way to our location within horse country. Find us here.

What should I bring to my sessions?

The only things you really need to bring with you is a small to medium towel, water bottle with secure lid, and your Pilates Toe Socks (you can buy the required toe socks at, or for our newer clientele, you can use a pair of the clean house toe socks to try on, until you buy yours). The Toe Socks have a rubberized bottom which helps to grip all the equipment at the studio. Plus, having feet covered is more hygienic.

How long have you been a Pilates Practitioner?

I trained in England during the mid 1980's and have been a practicing Pilates since then. I have been providing Pilates instruction in the same area of Houston since 1988, then relocated our studio practice on 23 June 2017 to beautiful Magnolia Texas to rent a building on, "Galloway Steading Wedding Venue & More". I have been teaching athletics, university communication courses, and fine art/anatomy drawing/art history since 1980. Find out more here.

Other than Pilates, what other educational or professional memberships do you have relating to exercise and fitness?

I have an educational background in exercise physiology, kinesiology, and clinical/classical Pilates methods? I am an Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine; member of of the International Society for Sports Psychology; Member of the American Society for Exercise Physiology; An Athletic Trainer with the American Council on Exercise, Certified Pilates Teacher from IHB in England. I am active in continuing education in exercise science and sports psychology and physical therapy. Find out more about Elizabeth here. 

How often should I train with you?

This depends upon your objectives and whether or not you may be considered a clinical Pilates patient before, during or after your PT. Most people attend 3 sessions per week, however there are clients who attend only 2 sessions per week due to outside/work commitments, then we have our hardcore athletes attending 4 to 5 times per week. We can discuss what is appropriate for you at your first session when we will do an assessment and set out your objectives, as well as available open appointments with Lissa (Elizabeth Gilmour). Find out more here

Do you do private and group sessions and what size are the groups?

We do both private and group sessions. Groups can be from 4 to up to a maximum of 6 people. Groups, Triads, Duets and Privates are booked in advance and the session is planned in advance around the level and physical condition of the clients(s) booked for those sessions. Find out more about our sessions here

If I have joint, back or neck problems/pain can I still do Pilates?

In many cases, Pilates done correctly can be a highly effective way to help manage and improve joint or spine problems. I specialize in Clinical Pilates and the management of chronic joint or back/neck pain; the medical profession call me the SPINE CORRECTOR and SPINE EXPERT. I have had (and continue to have) some major success stories in working with patients who otherwise were unable to participate in an effective level of exercise or even the day to day living routines (please read the testimonials, others are on the way). On a personal note, my husband is one such case I have worked extensively. He has returned to a level of mobility which he was not expected to achieve after having gone through major problems with a severe cervical spine condition in 2010 which required major surgery, then a second cervical surgery, which has helped to return complete mobility in conjunction with Clinical Pilates. Another patient's success story you can read about, is in a book titled, "Her Longest Marathon" by Randy A. Birken, M.D., where a drunk driver hit her head on early on a Sunday morning while she was out training for her last major marathon (she is now walking due to my Clinical Athletic Pilates Methods). Find out more here

Appointment Times/Open & Closed

Day of week Studio Open Studio Closed
Monday 7:50AM 7:00PM
Tuesday 8:00AM 7:00PM
Wednesday 7:50AM 7:00PM
Thursday 8:00AM 7:00PM
Friday 7:50AM 4:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM Varies
Sunday CLOSED  
Please see the FEES PAGE for specifics regarding session times, group times, and premium times with fees.

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